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While we list some of our specialities here please feel free to discuss all of your needs openly with us.  If we can't fulfill your objectives we might just be able to find you someone who can!


Almost anyone can create a standard powerpoint presentation.  However, sometimes that just won't do and you need something that'll pop for a big sales meeting or annual general meeting.  Let us meet with you to assess your needs and then create a high definition wide format presentation that will wow your audience and truly immerse them in what you have to say.  We can even help you with preparing to present, setting up the space, and recording the event.

CMS Websites

Every organization needs a website these days, something that will scale with your unique needs.  However, it can be expensive hiring a web designer to create a custom design only to be left with a site that can only be edited by modifying the underlying code.

We draw from hundreds of pre-designed templates available through our vendors to match your organization with the perfect design.  We then modify this design so that it matches your brand and identity while integrating it with your choice of either the Drupal, Joomla! or WordPress content management system.

Small and Medium Business Public Relations

With local media being continually strained your organization needs to work harder then ever to hold their attention and get yourself noticed publicly.  We can manage everything from issuing press releases to helping with your branding and marketing objectives.  Working on a donation campaign?  We can help you build it and then push it out into the world.