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Wedding Websites

The following excerpt is from a November 8th, 2009 blog posting to

I thought I'd take a minute to discuss in a bit more detail this site. The reason for our blog is multifold. First, it's a huge communications tool for keeping anyone who's interested informed about our upcoming nuptials on their own schedule. Second, it's a journal that we can look to years from now when we're thinking back on this experience. But additionally it will also hopefully prove to be a teaching tool so that others who also take the plunge can learn from some of our experiences and actions along the way.

For that reason I thought I'd take a few minutes and discuss how we went about setting up this wedding blog which was the first piece of our wedding preparations. In our apartment we have a dedicated desktop computer which always runs acting as a server for us. It runs version 9.10 of the Ubuntu Server operating system with a LAMP installation. Within this environment we then installed the WordPress CMS platform, picked some plugins, selected a theme (ours may change once we pick wedding colours but for the moment we use the Lightword Theme by Andrei Luca) and started making our posts.

Now, I've left a few things out since this is obviously a very technical process. If you feel like you're up for the challenge then I encourage you to give it a try. All the software we use for this blog is freely available and open-source so there are few barriers to entry if you have the hardware, patience, and interest to work through the process. That being said, I realize that many might be scared off by such a technical process.  That's why Wordpress is additionally available at already setup and ready to go for anyone who registers. There are also several sites dedicated to just hosting pages for weddings which might be worth a look and work better for some couples.